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Revocation News Update

20-10-2016 14:50

Fresh strings and all polished up, ready for the first show in Munich tonight!

Revocation News Update

19-10-2016 21:05

Germany we have arrived! See you tomorrow in M√ľnchen!

Revocation News Update

15-10-2016 15:49

Kicking Darkness Day off right, just tapped the first cask!

Revocation News Update

14-10-2016 01:06

New Zealand dates just got added to our tour with King Parrot!

Revocation's Dave Davidson - "Crumbling Imperium" and Soloing in Odd Meters

12-10-2016 15:55

Another new Thrash Course is now in session! This lesson covers the solo for "Crumbling Imperium" Lots of cool twists and turns in this one, have fun shredders!

David Davidson

11-10-2016 15:04

Dave's new signature DiMarzio pickups are now available!

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