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Revocation News Update

09-04-2018 23:11

Listening to V1 mixes right now, getting the very strong urge to mosh around the apartment

Revocation News Update

06-04-2018 19:17

More Australian dates have been added to our upcoming tour with our homies from down under @psycroptic_official

Revocation News Update

05-04-2018 13:29

Tracking for full length #7 is complete!

Revocation News Update

04-04-2018 14:18

For all you gear nerds out there, this was the final amp combo we used for the album. Guitar tone on this album is CRUSHING EVH Gear Peavey Electronics Strymon #toan

Revocation News Update

29-03-2018 16:58

Getting ready for the last day of solos

Revocation News Update

21-03-2018 16:00

WR7s are in the house over at Custom, Metal & Classic Guitars and are shipping now!

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