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Revocation News Update

24-05-2019 17:28

O Serpent, bringer of light!

Revocation News Update

21-05-2019 19:47

The complete guitar transcription of “TheOuterOnes” is available now through Sheet Happens This project was months in the making and we worked very hard to ensure that everything in this book is note for note from the album. Pick up a physical or digital copy here:

A Reminiscence of Revocation: Dave Dissects Revocation's Catalog Playlist - Created by Revocation

19-05-2019 16:19


19-05-2019 15:40

Revocation News Update

18-05-2019 14:49

End of tour shenanigans, thanks for the awesome run guys 🎂 🎉

Revocation News Update

15-05-2019 16:40

Happy birthday to Brett! Come help us celebrate tonight in Fort Lauderdale with a massive circle pit

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