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New interview on Metalhead Blog with Dave

Revocation, although they have been making music together for over a decade, have exploded onto the metal scene recently following their signing to Metal Blade Records. They have several albums under their belt, the most recent of which, Revocation, came out in 2013. The best song on the album is definitely Invidious, in my awesome opinion, what with its intense vocals, strong bass and melodic guitars, broken up by changes in tempo. I also really enjoy the drawn out guitar intro to Spastic but the entire album is perfection. Revocation will be playing at the GWAR-B-Q in Richmond, VA next month in a stellar lineup with awesome bands such as GWAR, Hatebreed and Goatwhore. They also have a new album, Deathless, coming out this year. We got to chat with Dave Davidson of Revocation about the album, GWAR-B-Q and other fun facts:

Jojo: Revocation has a new album coming out later this year, how is it coming along so far?

Dave: The new album is finished and is entitled "Deathless" We all collectively feel that this is musically our best record to date, I can't wait for our fans to hear it. Zeuss handled all of the mixing and Alan Douches mastered it so I would say it's also out best sounding record to date as well.

Jojo: You all are playing the GWAR-B-Q in Richmond, VA next month, how awesome is that going to be? And what can we expect to see from Revocation at GWAR-B-Q?

Dave: We are very excited to be a part of this years Gwar B Q. It will definitely be bittersweet because of Brockie's passing but we are looking forward to playing nonetheless. Fans can expect a couple of new tunes and some old favorites from us, it's gonna be a rager for sure.


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July 20 2014

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